Irate Texas parents claim a school bus driver shut off the air conditioning and rolled up the windows in her big yellow ride on a hot day to punish students for being rowdy, according to a new report.

“’She just kept saying, ‘You’re going to burn up until you shut up,’” mom Sara Pedder, of Silsbee, told 11 News.

Pedder said her five kids — who range in age from elementary to high school — were drenched in sweat after the stifling hour-long bus ride Tuesday, when temperatures soared into the high 80s, according to the local station.

One of her children suffers from eczema, and had broken out in an itchy red rash when he returned home, she said.

The unnamed substitute driver allegedly flipped out because the elementary school children were being too loud, Pedder and other parents told the station.

“[The driver] said, ‘Everybody needs to sit down and be quiet. I know it’s hot in here but you can thank your little friends for that…They wouldn’t be quiet.’” Pedder said.

The Silsbee Independent School District said Wednesday it is investigating the incident and reviewing video footage from inside the bus.


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